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The first and therefore oldest MVNO blog has been up since 2005 ... In 2012 I moved it over to Blogger and the changed format meant some of the page structure needed to change and some of the golden oldies were lost... here they are, mostly put back on the site on the 20th January 2013 and slowly being updated with new content above, the original article below for reference:

Future MVNOs

The future of MVNOs has been a long time coming, however there is still a long way to go, and the activity of 2012 shows that we are in for a very interesting 2013 MVNO wise... more future MVNOs

Why Europe's MVNOs still sing

European MVNO market

7 Years after the original article and 13 years after the first MVNO in the UK, Virgin Mobile's MVNO, the European market is still singing, but why? Europe's MVNOs still sing

Dell Hardware MVNO

The hardware model was a long time coming, the Dell MVNO is now Global, and Lenovo has joined the fray, who will be next? ... More hardware MVNO

Converged MVNO

Convergence and the Mobile Virtual Model work well together, in principle...I once set-up a converged MVNO with my own hard-earned cash... More Converged MVNO

Apple MVNO

Apple deal with operators is a de facto hardware MVNO. It is no secret that a typical MVNO may only manage to get a 10% to 40% margin on calls, onto which it has to add its costs. More Apple MVNO

Value in MVNOs


MVNO customer acquisition 

One thing that is often overlooked by MVNOs is to look at the MVNO from the customer's perspective. This is important, as one of the quickest routes to failed MVNO bin is to create a mini-me mobile network... More MVNO customer acquisition

Failed MVNOs

Failed MVNOs, Failed MVNO models, MVNO mistakes & MVNO Myths

I thought I would update one of the most popular articles on my MVNO blog for a few years, now that MVNOs seem to be picking up again. The issues are the same, however with a bit more detail they are split out into 6 rather the 3 main points ... More Failed MVNOs

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